Meinders School of Business 

Business Plan Competition and Business Start-Up

for the Meinders' Coffee Shop

At Oklahoma City University, the faculty at the Meinders School of Business wants to extend business learning beyond the classroom and take it to the boardroom.  

ALL students at OCU are invited to participate in a team competition to not just formulate a business plan but an opportunity to start a business as an entrepreneur.  Imagine being able to create your own job as a manager of a business that your team designed and executed with the support of OCU!  

The first-floor lounge area is available for conversion to include the coffee shop business.

Business launch Fall 2010.

Teams of interested students will generate their own visions as to what the coffee shop could and should be, how they would promote and what kinds of products should be offered.

Teams will create a business plan that will be judged against other teams for business viability and creativity.

Teams must be committed to actually running a business beyond the business plan.  Teams must sell their vision and plan along with their enthusiasm for moving forward with an actual business.  The winning team will be awarded the sponsorship and that team will become paid managers of the business.

Team membership is open to Graduate students who plan to be at OCU for at least a year, as well as Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen.  (Team members should be those who expect to be at OCU as students for at least a year.)

Team membership is open to ALL OCU students from all disciplines across OCU.

The best teams might not be composed of students versed in the same discipline, so teams should center around cross discipline talents and complimentary skills including but not limited to marketing, management, finance, accounting, economics, performing arts, etc.  

Benefits to Students:

Outstanding learning opportunity for any students who have ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur. 

The business plan process provides many cross disciplinary skills that employers look for in new hires.

Excellent experience for your resume when you graduate.

For the winning team....the unique experience of managing a business and creating a job for themselves!

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22 February--Teams must announce their intentions and acknowledge their commitment to the competition.

1 April--Teams must have prepared a written business plan that includes their vision, promotion, events, and a layout of space utilization.  Due diligence must have been executed for any assumptions the business plan makes.  (For example, if you included selling food you must have a source for those products you have contacted and is willing to sell to you.)

5 April--Faculty member will review each plan put forward by the various teams in the competition.  Teams with viable plans will be confirmed.

15 April--Teams will provide an oral presentation of their plan and concept to a decision board.  Teams should be prepared to answer questions, to sell themselves as well as their plan and to acknowledge their commitment to actually running the business they are presenting.

19 April--The winning team will be announced and will be expected to execute their business plan immediately!


Dr. Robert Greve  208-5437  rgreve at okcu dot edu

Dr. James Guzak   208-5740  jrguzak at okcu dot edu

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